As I prepare for my upcoming “Ǝvolution” tour (to promote the new album with the same name),  I can’t help but feel excited and nervous all at the same time. this is my 1st major tour in about 10 years, even though I’ve toured with several other artists as a sideman in and outside of the US including Athens (Greece), Moscow, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, and the West Coast.  A lot has changed since then. My metamorphosis from “BKG” (Black Kenny G) to “Lil’ Maceo” is a major difference. I have a new aggressive funkier sound that is guaranteed to get you moving and grooving. Plus I’m a lot older now and more attuned with the wants and needs of you guys, my loyal fans. All in all, I’m sure my fans of the past, present and future will enjoy my form of music which I’m calling “Urban Pop Jazz” or “Pop Jazz” for short, because “smooth” just doesn’t cut it.